Getting into a writing habit is always tough. So tough, that my brain will always find ways to keep me from writing. Just watch another show - go see what's in the frig! Why do we do this to ourselves?
I have some great ideas. I never write them down, and now I only remember a few of them. Some are related to characters and plot ideas for stories I might someday write. Others are bigger ideas that could someday change the world.
I often think abut writing down what I've discovered, but then I become overwhelmed and realize it's a huge undertaking. To organize all of my thoughts, discoveries and conclusions seems like a monumental effort. Especially so when you consider that I come home and can hardly stay awake past 8:30 PM as it is. How in the world could I ever get this done?
I suppose, it's a bit like writing a new program. You start by just adding the comments that define what the program will do. Then, you attack each section adding that functionality until it starts to take shape. as the bigger pieces start to come together, you naturally think of things to enhance, plot points to make and scenes to write. Writing may not be that hard after all. After you start, it begins to flow, and when it's flowing, it feels great.
Architecting a story will take a little work, compared to writing a program. I've been developing programs for years and it comes quite naturally to me now. I'm confident that writing stories and drawing the plot lines through the story will come as naturally to me as writing objects and their methods does now.