Right Side, Left Side is a blog about things from both the right and left sides of our brain. In the future, you’ll find posts here that include art, science, theories, dreams, speculation, fractals, code samples, physics and GPS related activities. I am a full time developer, working mainly in C# with web services and I code libraries that perform analytical analysis functions. In my off time, I draw, write, read, meditate, play, fix, think, organize, clean, and generally putz around.

I’ll categorize the blog topics I write here first as either a right or left side activity, then I'll add other categories as the subject fits. If you feel like looking at just creative, free-flow, non-technical stuff, pick the right category!

In the past, I was also the author of The Nog, a navigation blog that covered many GPS navigation topics. I saved those blogs and will be reposting them here regularly, since the old site they were one is no longer supported. See ‘The Nog’ category for those.