The .Net Foundation has just released an open source version of Open Live Writer. I used to use the desktop version of Live writer quite a lot – especially when I was writing The Nog.

This blog is a test of the new tool – to see how versatile it is and what I can do with it. To start, here’s the app’s new logo.Capture Adding the picture gave me a few choices on alignment – I chose inline. that worked pretty well – here’s an emoticon to celebrate Smile with tongue out.

It looks like I can also add videos. Yesterday I watched Elon Musk’s new SpaceX video about interplanetary travel. I’m going to add that video here, as a video from a video service.

Unfortunately, I could not get the service or direct link feature to work. The video service feature requests that you login to YouTube.com (it would not accept my correctly input credentials) and I had no idea whether that login was secure anyway. I tried adding a video via a video link (https://youtu.be/0qo78R_yYFA), but the Add video service said it was an unknown provider or incomplete web address. (The link above is for the SpaceX video to Mars.) (Note: turns out not being able to add videos is a bug; here's the bug link.)

Next, I’ll try adding a map. I searched for San Francisco – that worked pretty well!

Map picture

Finally, let’s add a table









This is a small addition table in case you’ve forgotten what 4 + 5 is. the formatting tools are minimal, but I was able to add rows and columns after I created the table, and perform a little formatting.

Now I’ll try and publish – hope all goes well!