We have lots of animals visiting us here in the woods. We live in a Ponderosa Pine forest rife with squirrels, brown and black. Many varieties of birds too, from Stellar Jays to pygmy nuthatches. Occasionally, we also get larger creatures, rarely foxes anymore, less rare are coyotes, but more common this year are bears. They are only around in the Summer, and only every few years. There is one in particular that has shown up this year, and he has made our house a semi-regular stop on his rounds. Let's call him Charlie.

Here he is strolling through.

Sadly, some of our neighbors don't keep their trash in the garage, so Charlie feasts at their places. It's important not to feed the bears. They become habituated to the food and forget how to forage. Also, human food and garbage is not good for them nutritionally.

Here's Charlie looking at my empty bird feeder platform.

And another empty bird feeder check.

I like having bears around. Many of our neighbors fear them, but Charlie is not menacing, he's just hungry, and will take any opportunity to eat.

I did get some videos of him too. Charlie surveying the greenhouse and Charlie stopping by are the two best ones.