Microsoft is doing the right thing by selling its advanced tech to the Government. Recently, Microsoft announced that it will sell its AI tech, along with other advanced technology to the Pentagon. Google, in the recent past, has said that it would not after a backlash from young engineers at the company.

As a country, we are leading the world in technology development, but the margin is narrowing. Once cutting-edge technologies have now become commodities and new technology is being stolen through cyber-crime attacks, unlike anything we've seen before. The battlefield looks much different now than it did in the 1940’s, but the threat is there. America needs to stay on the forefront of development, to allow us to remain continuously defensive and if necessary, to fight back. With commercial companies developing technologies that can help us defend against new attacks, we must use this technology to avert new enemies and to continue our advancement.

Microsoft is helping its country by providing what it has learned to our government. This allows our government to protect our country, and thereby protect us all. We Americans are all on the same team, we are fighting state-level enemies on a daily basis, with no explosions and no bullets. Our ammunition today are algorithms and our FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) are network switches. Covering all access points and securing ingress means recognizing sophisticated threat algorithms and knowing how to stop them. Commercial companies help our country do this by sharing our collective ideas and using what works best against threats we see every day.

Some may feel uncomfortable giving such advanced tech to our government in the current climate, and that is understandable. Our current political climate will not last forever though. For those of you that fear what our government will do with this new technology, I'd ask you to think what you will do when our government doesn't have the capability to defend against large-scale cyber threats. We as a country won’t be able to stop secrets from leaking to other state actors and eventually we'll find ourselves lagging other countries technically. Where does that leave America? What happens to the leadership position we've enjoyed for so long? What happens to our way of life? It won't happen fast, but we'll start to see other countries develop better tech than us, better capabilities that are more resilient than ours. If our commercial companies aren't contributing to our country’s goals, what will eventually happen to our country?

We have some of the best and brightest minds working for commercial companies across our nation. Companies typically are more attractive to workers because the pay and work environment is better than that provided by working for the government. This is not likely to change, and this is OK as long as our commercial sector and government sectors are all playing for the same team. Imagine if Lockheed or Douglas or Boeing did not sell aircraft to the US Government during World War II?

We have a symbiotic relationship with our country. Our country and our government protect us from others in the world. We must help our government to do that job by providing what we can. Today, this equates to providing technologies that our country can use to defend against new threats. In other countries state-run institutions are used to develop technology that can penetrate our defenses. They are well-funded and growing. We lead the world in technical development, and the leader is always being challenged for that position. Without defenses we will fail, and someone new will take our place. It is imperative that we help our country and ourselves by providing what we can to the defense of our nation and our position in the world.

So, Microsoft is doing the right thing by agreeing to sell its technology to the Pentagon. It helps us defend our virtual borders and it helps us maintain our place in the world.

We will get past our current government uncertainty and when we do we need an America that is strong enough to survive, and is capable enough to last.

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