What ever you call them; truisms, mores, rules to live by, golden rules, the feeling is the same. These are simple guidelines. They can be followed easily, but not without courage, strength and the ability to see beyond yourself, for the good of all.
All laws must be based on a set of values that work for individuals and large societies.

  1. Do no harm to others (physical, emotional, or psychological)
    If this is happening to you and you disagree with it, and can change it - do. See #4
  2. Do not oppress others, or make them act against their will (violates #1)
  3. Be completely open, honest and transparent (no hidden agendas, or covert ways to violate #2)
  4. This let's us try to persuade others, show our true feelings and thoughts, and lets other issues that may end up violating #2 and #1 be dealt with early
  5. Live your life as you please
    Be free to do what you please, while not encroaching on others or violating 1, 2 or 3.