The vote in the senate today to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was wrong. The Republicans basis for judging him is incorrect. The senate hearings were not a trial, Kavanaugh was not charged with anything. Yes innocence is presumed until proven guilty for those charged of a crime.
It's about character.
Kavanaugh's demeanor when questioned about the charges put forth by Dr. Ford is what matters. Anyone can be accused of anything - how you handle that accusation depends on your character. You don't lash out at parties that disagree with you, you don't blame the other side of planning a conspiracy. You take in all sides of the situation and make a judgement. You must have no sense of bias in your tone. If you do, your future decisions are all suspect.
It's not whether he assaulted Dr. Ford, it's how he acted under the accusation. His character does not stand up to the test required by the highest court in the land. You must avoid even the perception of bias in your character - he did not.
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