Today, I went to our local library and sat on a panel with four others, providing advice for those high-school students interested in going to college in STEM careers. It was a good talk, and there are some very smart up and coming students. It’s a good thing, we need them.

This is the advice I wrote down prior to the meeting, to use as notes.

  • Budget
    • Time
    • Money
    • Friends
    • Social Media
    • Budgeting allows you to spend effort on what counts. This works for everything you can budget.
  • Adapt and persevere
    • Changes will happen and sometimes they won’t be for the better.
    • Learn to adapt to those changes and persevere through difficult times. Continuing with your effort towards your goals will get you there.
  • Stop swiping and start typing
    • Reading about someone else won’t help you reach your goals
    • Start creating your own story and others will swipe and read about you
  • Set a goal
    • Do you want to work for the Jet Propulsion Lab and drive the Mars rover?
    • Do you want to go into space?
    • Set that goal and keep it in mind, with every decision you make
  • Know the difference between big and little decisions
    • Choosing the college you go to may or may not affect your goal
    • Going to "that" right college may not make sense for your goal
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